Tuberculosis Treatment

Best Tuberculosis Infection Treatment in Hyderabad:

Tuberculosis Infection is an illness caused by a microorganism called mycobacterium. Tuberculosis travels through the air, the windpipe, and the lungs. The infection in the lungs can lessen the level of oxygen in it and causes a problem in the respiratory system. Other organs, such as the kidneys, spine, and brain, may also be affected. According to the WHO report, 25% of the world population has been infected by Tuberculosis, and only a small portion of them became ill. People with less immunity due to medical sickness, such as HIV, Malnutrition, Diabetes, Tobacco users, etc., have a high chance of being affected. However, Dr. Ravi Kiran offers the best treatment for Tuberculosis in Hyderabad.

Stages of Tuberculosis:

Latent TB infection:

Latent TB infection describes a person with TB bacteria in their body but shows no symptoms. In most cases, people who have a good immune system, their bodies will fight bacteria and resist their growth. These people can not spread Tuberculosis to others. They do not feel sick.

TB Disease:

TB Disease describes a person who has signs and symptoms of active bacteria. People with a very weak immune system cannot stop the bacteria from growing. As it is contagious, it spreads from infected people.

Signs of active tuberculosis:

Cough that persists 3 weeks or longer
Chest pain
Feeling Overtired
Weight Reduction
High Body Temperature
Coughing blood
Stunted growth in Children
If Tuberculosis infects other than the lungs, then the symptoms vary accordingly.

Transmission of Tuberculosis:

When an active Tuberculosis patient coughs and sneezes, the bacteria will release into the air, and inhaling this air causes Tuberculosis.


Avoid Close contact with the infected persons
Maintain a healthy diet
Maintain Hygiene

Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis:

Diagnosis depends on the stage and symptoms of the Tuberculosis patient. Usually, Skin and blood tests are done.

Treatment is sometimes required for Latent TB patients. The usual way of treating Tuberculosis patients is by giving long-term antibiotic medication. For some antibiotics, the body will not respond. Appropriate Treatment should be planned. Damage causes to the organs of the body if Tuberculosis is not treated under proper medication.


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